For Your Most Amazing Life

It all starts in the heart.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.
Your relationships with others, a mirror of your relationship with yourself and your belief in your self-worth and wholeness.
Your success in work and business, a mirror of your confidence and
connection to your innate creativity and inner genius.
Your spirituality even, in your search for connection to the Divine "Other",
mirrors your connection to the Divine "Self".

So what does this mean for you?

Your power lies within

Everything Can Change

The idea that you are stuck with your dead-end job, your unfulfilling relationships, addictive and unhelpful habits and behaviors, the same old struggles endlessly repeating, or anything else for that matter is wrong.

There really is hope for something different and you are meant to experience it.

Now is the time

Your life is far too precious to waste it not fully experiencing your
wildest adventures and deepest desires.

No more playing small by hiding your
true voice and boldest, most beautiful expression.

No more living in lack and hardship keeping just out of reach your
grandest success and greatest impact on the world.

No more allowing life to be the same year after year, but instead
stepping into the wonder and mystery of something new.

What Ignites Your Soul?

You are an infinite being with access to infinite love, infinite abundance,
infinite joy, infinite peace, infinite creativity, and so much more.

Take a moment now to lean into this truth.

Relax into the knowing deep within
that all is taken care of,
all your needs are met.

If you weren't worried about the bills, the perfect resume, family expectations...
what would you really want to do?

If you weren't bound to your current city or place...
where would you really want to be?

If all your past trauma, disappointing experiences, limiting beliefs were healed...
how would you really want to feel in your mind, body, and heart?

You get to choose

Let's Do This!

Hi there! My name is Jennilee Porch (she/her) and my passion is helping you expand your awareness of the endless possibilities available to you. And from there, you really can create the life you most want to live.

I want to live in a world where you are more fully yourself, more alive and free, more engaged in fulfilling work, more connected to life giving community, more at peace with yourself and others... and from that joy, creating more joy for all. I create this world with and through each person I work with.

I am a Master Coach, Reiki Practitioner, and avid student of consciousness (studying Hypnotherapy, Access Consciousness, Law of Attraction, Energy Healing, and much more). All of this helps me to craft a unique approach, highly customized to your individual needs and desires.

"Jennilee simply IS. She IS in the moment. Jennilee IS real and authentic. While Jennilee coached me I always felt as though I was the the reason for our co-existence. I appreciate the journey we experienced and the realities I discovered -- without judgment and ALL authenticism, Jennilee IS the real deal."
-Matthew W., Ed.D.

Calling all dreamers

To all the imaginative ones, the visionaries, the change-makers,
the healers, the leaders, the spiritual and creative ones...
the world needs your light to shine brightly.

We are moving into a new decade, a time of massive shift and change. So let's remove the blocks inhibiting your confidence, clarity, and success. Let's expand your awareness and dance in the infinite possibilities. Now more than ever, the world excitedly awaits your unique insights and solutions.

So, if you are trying to figure out what's next; or even have an idea of what's next, but not sure how to get there - let's chat!

"Jennilee has a kind and gentle presence that immediately made me feel at ease to be as honest and open as I needed to be to achieve the goals I set out to accomplish. It’s not easy to be so vulnerable, but she listens so closely to hear the things I’m not saying, so that I am able to dig deeper. Her intuition is always spot on. If you’re looking for a coach who will inspire you to keep working toward your greatest goals and dreams, Jennilee has the presence and skill to help you launch what you want most. She is simply a phenomenal coach."
-Nancy L.

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What if, really truly, your life could change in a meaningful way?
What if, you truly are the creator you know you to be and can create in your life what you deeply desire?
What if, you didn't have to do it alone?
What if, you chose YOU, right now...
Let's jump on a call and have you experience the deep listening you deserve while you share what is currently going on for you and where you would like to be. We'll discover if we would be a good fit to partner in your growth and transformation. And if not, that's great too, because you'll still have more clarity on where to start and I know many awesome folks who can also be of service.

Come play in the possibilities

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